New Recruiting Group - HoReCa

In the HoReCa sector, there is a global trend of reduction in the number of linear employees, which allows increasing average salaries and optimizing work. On the other hand, during the peak season, hotels and restaurants are forced to outsource, and clients feel a shortage of qualified operating personnel. Ukrainian hotels, restaurants, and cafes, as employers, compete with foreign ones, and they need to provide quality service and solve countless business tasks.

In the sphere of the Ukrainian hotel and restaurant business, there is still a staff turnover, but professional marketers, kitchen staff and maintenance staff are always in demand. One of the highest-paid professions in the field is the chef. The number of cafes and restaurants in Ukraine is growing steadily, and in order to survive in a competitive environment, establishments need to adhere to a certain concept, which should be supported by all staff. Here the important role is played by the work of managers, marketers, digital managers.

Recruiting company NRG has been successfully recruiting staff in the HoReCa direction for a long time. We are looking for personnel search for the hotel and restaurant business for such positions as:

  • CEO
  • Manager
  • CEO of the company
  • Restaurant director
  • Commercial director
  • Financial director
  • Chief accountant
  • PR-director
  • HR director
  • Restaurant chef
  • Brand chef
  • Chef of a restaurant chain
  • Pastry chef
  • Chief operating officer
  • Head of security
  • Public relations manager, etc.

In our portfolio, there are cases for selecting specialists and managers of the hotel and restaurant business for Dream Hostels, Rixos-Prykarpattya Resort, EastForce (MoMo), Savva Libkin Restaurants (earlier – Resta Restaurant Company) and other companies.

Note: with companies that prefer to work with recruiting companies not publicly, we adhere to strict standards of internal and external communications, and relationships, NRG cooperates on a confidential basis. Entrusting us with the important solution of personnel issues, you will receive a high-quality operational expected result.