About the Company

We are engaged in the search, evaluation and selection of personnel and specialize in the selection of middle and senior managers. We are active and ambitious, aimed at a high-quality and fastest possible result.

Inna Vorotnikova Head of Company

Inna Vorotnikova

How can we help you:

  • find the best, successful and professional specialists for your company;
  • to develop methods of adaptation and motivation of personnel;
  • significantly reduce the time and costs for filling vacancies;
  • strengthen your team by developing employee training programs that are relevant to your business.

Each NRG employee is an expert in certain market segments. With a high-quality search and selection of personnel, this fact is important, since the availability of up-to-date information from the recruiter will help you to find the specialists of middle and top managers that you are interested in as soon as possible.

We are a customer-oriented company. NRG works on the principle of building long-term relationships with our clients, which allows us, as a recruiting service provider, to select for you more targeted candidates who correspond not only to the list of professional qualities but also with candidates who have a life position that matches your corporate culture. With our help, you can quickly and efficiently replenish your staff with the best, most successful, and professional managers and specialists, which will help to strengthen your company’s position in the market.

You can entrust the implementation of large projects to us and get the opportunity to contact one consultant on all issues. In the context of multitasking and dynamic work, this will save time on setting a task and coordinating a project, and which is most important to get the desired result.

We believe that the most valuable resource of our clients is their time, therefore all our work is structured in such a way that you can devote this resource to your business, entrusting us with the entire routine of the search and selection process:

  • you do not need to deal with the placement of vacancies on various sites;
  • after the meeting with you, we can, if necessary, supplement the text of your vacancy so that it fully corresponds to the needed task;
  • you do not check multiple resumes of applicants who have responded, by selecting the most suitable candidates;
  • you do not need to understand the wording in the resume – you get a resume drawn up by our recruiters according to a single standard and with the full amount of necessary information;
  • we collect recommendations from candidates’ previous jobs;
  • we conduct an initial interview with selected candidates to select those who are right for you;
  • you save your time by communicating with just one consultant who closes your turnkey project.

It is very easy to order a professional and high-quality selection of specialists of middle and top managers in Ukraine and abroad. You can contact the Recruiting Company NRG and leave a request on the website. An NRG consultant will contact you within 24 hours and will be able to professionally answer all your questions.

With the help of NRG you will be able to assemble a team of the best, successful, professional managers and specialists.

You can entrust the implementation of important projects to us and get the opportunity to contact one consultant on all issues, which will significantly save time in setting the task and coordinating the project. Working with us will significantly reduce the time and cost of closing vacancies.

We will be happy to meet with you to discuss the prospects of cooperation and to elaborate on us and our opportunities.

  • With our help

    you will be able to replenish the staff of your Company with the best, successful and professional managers and specialists.

  • Working with us will allow

    significantly reduce the time and costs of closing projects, will strengthen your teams with the best, most professional managers and specialists.

  • You can entrust

    the implementation of large projects to us and get the opportunity to contact one consultant on all issues, which will significantly save time in setting the task and coordinating the project.

  • We will be glad to meet you

    to discuss the prospects of cooperation and to tell more about us and our opportunities.

  • Our Philosophy

    to improve the image and quality of work, we constantly improve our professionalism. High operational speed, confidentiality, reliability, fulfillment of obligations, individual approach to the requests of each client is the first and most important philosophy of the Recruiting Company NRG.


Company history


The foundation of the company


Implementation of Microsoft Outlook


First contracts with Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Veterinary companies


Registered trademark NRG in the service sector


Redesign of the NRG website and publication of the new version (white background)


Obtaining a license for the employment of Ukrainian citizens abroad / Implementation of E-staff


First contracts with Agriculture companies


Received the first award "Ukrainian People's Award", NRG review


The first experience in the areas of Movie Maker / HoReCa - Restaurants of Savva Libkin


Team building for the GoPro brand


Experience in the field of renewable energy - Solar Plant


Member of the European Business Association


Was formed a staff of production personnel to start production of a foreign company


The year of testing for strength and professionalism


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UNDERDOG The UnLawyers

Concern Khlibprom


Groupe Atlantic


Ekol Logistics

TetraPak Ukraine

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The path of the employee in the organization begins with the recruiter, and the further work of the company depends on how the qualitative selection of the team will take place. Understanding the situation on the labor market, possessing external expertise, we select the best specialists and managers for our clients.

Who is a recruiter and what does this profession mean for us?

A recruiter is the same specialist who selects personnel, taking into account the requirements of the customer, the needs of companies, and the development of the labor market. The manager not only conducts interviews but also draws up applications for the selection of personnel, studies sent resumes, looks for rare specialists.