New Recruiting Group - FMCG Manufacturing

This area of ​​activity includes the production and sale of consumer goods. These are personal hygiene items, cosmetics, household chemicals, glassware, light bulbs, batteries, paper, and plastic products, tobacco products, as well as all food products, including alcoholic beverages and drinks.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the turnover of Ukrainian producers with the EU market due to the reorientation of exports and imports. Products that are imported in large volumes include vegetable and fruit products, cosmetics, seafood, alcohol, tea, and coffee drinks. A large share of exports is tobacco, meat, vegetable, and dairy products, as well as chocolate. Selecting personnel in the FMCG / Manufacturing segment, large manufacturers are guided by the ability of candidates to think globally, to take into account not only Ukrainian but also foreign consumer habits and trends. Specialists of the Recruiting company NRG are sure to evaluate such an indicator as to the brand-thinking of applicants because a new employee should quickly be imbued with the brand philosophy and understand the specifics of each product. It is a careful selection of personnel for work in FMCG / Manufacturing, that provides companies with stable development and quality of manufactured goods. Employers are caring for their employees. This explains the relatively low employee turnover rate in this area and the wide range of career opportunities.

Our recruiters are successfully recruiting FMCG specialists for such positions as:

  • Country R&D manager,
  • Factory director,
  • Director of the purchasing department,
  • Director of quality,
  • Director of logistics,
  • Marketing director,
  • HR director,
  • Production director,
  • IT director,
  • Technical director,
  • Financial director,
  • Industrial director of a group of manufacturing companies,
  • National manager for trade marketing,
  • National sales coach,
  • Chief accountant,
  • Chief engineer,
  • Chief mechanical engineer,
  • Chief technologist,
  • Head of the treasury department,
  • Head of the personnel training and development department,
  • Head of production planning and forecasting department,
  • Head of the recruiting department,
  • Head of 1C programmers,
  • Brand managers of different levels,
  • System administrator,
  • Financial controller,
  • Financial manager and many others.

We are proud of the successful experience in finding FMCG specialists for such giants as Lactalis Ukraine, Santa Group (Belarus), Concern Khlibprom, PepsiCo, TerraFOOD, PremierFOOD, Nestle, AVK, Veres Group, Persha Privatna Brovarnya, Malteurop Ukraine, AB InBev Efes, Mondelez International, UniMilk (PJSC Galakton), Henkel Bautechnik Ukraine, Sanitec Ukraine, and many others.

Note: with companies that prefer to work with recruiting companies not publicly, we adhere to strict standards of internal and external communications, and relationships, NRG cooperates on a confidential basis. Entrusting us with the important solution of personnel issues, you will receive a high-quality operational expected result.

Оur clients in FMCG Manufacturing

Concern Khlibprom