New Recruiting Group - FMCG

The FMCG segment (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) includes the sale of consumer goods. These are personal hygiene items, cosmetics, household chemicals, glassware, light bulbs, batteries, paper, and plastic products, tobacco products, as well as all food products, including alcoholic beverages and drinks.

Demand for consumer goods has been, is and always will be. From the latest trends in the FMCG market, one can single out production optimization due to the introduction of modern technologies, competition in the domestic market, and the search for solutions to enter international markets. According to analysts, if inflation in the FMCG segment continues to grow, the purchasing power of consumers will reach its maximum. A slight slowdown in the development of this direction is observed in the volume of sales of products. Therefore, searching for specialists in FMCG, our recruiters focus on flexibility, orientation in current trends, and sales skills. Usually, the process of selecting specialists in the field of FMCG in our company takes from 14 to 21 days.

Recruiting company NRG regularly engages in recruiting staff in the FMCG segment for following positions:

  • HH business partner,
  • CEO,
  • Director of the IT department,
  • Director of a distribution company,
  • Director for economic security,
  • National director of logistics, director of procurement,
  • Director of logistics,
  • HR director,
  • Director of sales and marketing,
  • Director of the security service,
  • Director of the trade-marketing department,
  • Branch manager,
  • Supply chain director,
  • Director of the legal department,
  • Commercial director,
  • Financial director,
  • Chief accountant,
  • Head of the recruiting department,
  • Head of 1C programmers,
  • Head of the treasury department,
  • Head of the sales department,
  • HR manager,
  • Key account manager,
  • Sales managers of all levels,
  • Purchasing managers of all levels,
  • System administrator,
  • Financial controller,
  • Financial manager and many others.

Among the companies for which NRG recruiters have successfully implemented projects of the search and selection of specialists and managers in the field of FMCG, market leaders and desired employers for thousands of applicants throughout Ukraine: Amway Ukraine, Avon, Beiersdorf Ukraine, Campari Ukraine, WINETIME, Henkel Ukraine, Nestle Ukraine, Unilever Ukraine, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Bic Ukraine, Jahn Jensen Group, Seldiko, etc.

Note: with companies that prefer to work with recruiting companies not publicly, we adhere to strict standards of internal and external communications, and relationships, NRG cooperates on a confidential basis. Entrusting us with the important solution of personnel issues, you will receive a high-quality operational expected result.


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