New Recruiting Group - Insurance

NEW RECRUITING GROUP includes in this specialization companies whose activities are aimed at providing insurance protection for people and their affairs from various kinds of dangers. Insurance includes various types of insurance activities (insurance itself, or primary insurance, reinsurance, co-insurance), which together provide insurance coverage. In the financial sector, the insurance market is the second most capitalized non-banking financial markets. Insurance services in Ukraine are not as popular as in Europe and the USA, but recently, more and more companies have been attracting insurance companies at the corporate level.

Now insurers are choosing a flexible approach to each client, offering special conditions for any type of insurance (voluntary medical insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, transport insurance, animal insurance, travel insurance, financial insurance, property insurance, and other types of insurance). The field is quite complex, there are many nuances and subtleties that need to be understood and taken into account during selecting personnel in the insurance industry.

Recruiting company NRG has experience in finding specialists in the field of insurance and filling such vacancies as:

  • CEO,
  • Deputy chairman of the management board for insurance,
  • Director of development,
  • Director of an asset management company,
  • Financial director,
  • Head of the insurance department,
  • Chief accountant,
  • Head of the regional development department,
  • Head of corporate sales department,
  • Underwriter,
  • Public relations manager,
  • Business trainer,
  • Leading specialist in reinsurance,
  • Insurance expert and others.

Our clients in the insurance segment are Alico Aig Life, Unives, Indigo, Russian Standard, Insurance Lawyer, Insurance Broker, Ukrainian Agrarian Insurance Company (part of Astarta Holding), and others.

Note: with companies that prefer to work with recruiting companies not publicly, we adhere to strict standards of internal and external communications, and relationships, NRG cooperates on a confidential basis. Entrusting us with the important solution of personnel issues, you will receive a high-quality operational expected result.