Our reputation

“Why is reputation so important in my work? Because signing an agreement with a client, I become a part of the employer’s brand. From how much I am imbued with the company values depends on whether I find the best candidate, to make it all fit: both the expectations of the potential employee and the set of the client’s requirements. Every time when I have a new client, I go through this path again. I and my whole team like it. Loving people is the most important thing in the recruiting profession. This is our reputation, which we build through an exclusive attitude towards everyone, ”- Inna Vorotnikova, Director of the NRG Recruiting Company.

For more than 13 years, all our activities have been aimed at strengthening and maintaining the reputation of a reliable company, which can be trusted by our clients and candidates, whose employment we have helped. We always remain true to our principles, goals, philosophy, vision, and values. That is why NRG strictly adheres to ethics with partners and customers, responsibly fulfilling all its obligations, while acting with integrity, openness, and honesty. We always adhere to transparency in relations, both in the team and with our clients, showing a high degree of responsibility at various levels of work.

We understand that it is difficult to enter and establish ourselves in the market on the positive side, but it is no less difficult to maintain the existing image, which we succeed, as evidenced by the fact that for the seventh year in a row New Recruiting Group has been winning the title of the best recruiting company according to the voting results of the Ukrainian People Award. We strive to ensure that in all countries and cities where we work, our reputation is at the highest level, allowing us to be useful, respected by partners, and to be the first choice for businesses.

Recommendations and awards