New Recruiting Group - Jurisprudence

The field of jurisprudence in Ukraine has a particular specificity. It is influenced by constant legislative changes, social and business processes. At the same time, there is a serious competition between the legal service providers for the settlement of property, legal and civil disputes, legal advisers, and notaries, both for the client and staff. Lawyers are in demand not only in specialized agencies, but also in production companies, law enforcement agencies, and banks. The requirements for the universality of legal professionals are increasing because everyone needs effective employees.

According to research data, the most popular profession in this area in Ukraine is a legal adviser. Legal advice service includes not only the legal aspect, but also the application of knowledge in the field of economics and finance. Many companies are focusing on personalizing the services they provide and increasing the availability of online services, which is associated with changes in business processes. According to the observations of NRG recruiters, today one of the most demanded requests for finding specialists in the field of jurisprudence is the vacancy of a legal engineer.

Recruiting company NRG has experience in recruiting legal specialists and managers for the following positions:

  • Director of legal affairs,
  • Director for international legal affairs,
  • Head of the legal department,
  • Legal adviser and other vacancies

Our most significant customer in this market direction is

Note: with companies that prefer to work with recruiting companies not publicly, we adhere to strict standards of internal and external communications, and relationships, NRG cooperates on a confidential basis. Entrusting us with the important solution of personnel issues, you will receive a high-quality operational expected result.