Philosophy and vision

Our philosophy is based on the full satisfaction of customer inquiries regarding the search and selection of personnel. This will ensure the desire to cooperate in the future, help us with the trust of new customers, form our image in Ukraine, its regions, and other countries. To improve the image and quality of work, we are constantly improving our professionalism. High efficiency in work, confidentiality, reliability, the fulfillment of the undertaken obligations, individual approach to inquiries of each client is the primary and most important philosophy of the Recruitment Company NRG.


Recruiting Company NRG applies all effort and professionalism to ensure that we are the first choice for our clients. To do this, their interests are put above all, our clients see us as a partner who is ready to be in touch around the clock, ready to advise and perform the required service in a quality manner. We are committed to long-term cooperation. Our client feels his exclusivity, sees transparency in relations and comes to us again because he received high-quality services.


Our employees are our pride and the face of the company. We created our company as an association of professionals who feel a team spirit, ready to cope with an ever-increasing volume of work, striving to constantly improve their professional level. For us, work is what we love, and positive emotions from achieving goals, and from satisfying our customers’ requests.


We treat our candidates with the same respect we treat our clients. We strive to ensure that they form a positive image of our company on the labor market of Ukraine, and countries of the near and far abroad. None of the applicants should say that he received a low-quality service in our company, because tomorrow he may become our client. Having received qualified assistance and advice from NRG employees, candidates will recommend us as a company that can be trusted with their career and professional growth.

Business partners

Recruiting Company NRG is ready to develop partnerships with regular customers, adhering to the principles of work and norms determined by the company’s rules. We are ready to help our partners in building the structure of the company, filling the staff, as well as training them, while we position ourselves as a fairly flexible company, ready to take into account the principles of partners’ work, observing ethical standards, as well as work on the basis of mutual assistance and support.


We respect our competitors and adhere to ethical business practices. Our competitors motivate us to be more active, better, strive to surpass them in terms of service and quality of provided services, and constantly improve our professional level.


Our values are our customers, our employees, and our knowledge.

Honesty, openness, transparency in relationships, both in the team and with our clients, a high degree of responsibility at different levels of work. Internal equality, mobility, high activity, and ability to achieve results. Efficiency both in working with clients and in solving internal operational processes of NRG. We are always aware of trends and we are ready to develop demanded services in the labor market of Ukraine, and countries of the near and far abroad.

Customer orientation

Our employees always put the interests of the client first in order to fulfill their obligations, showing initiative, and skillfully using their knowledge.