Ethical Credo

Recruiting company NRG is engaged in the search, assessment, and selection of personnel.

Our experience tells us that the main asset is the trust of our customers. For this reason, from the very beginning of our activity, we have paid special attention to the ethical aspects of conducting our business.

Compliance with ethical standards in the HR business allows us to gain the trust of our clients and to perform in the best possible way important projects related to the search and selection of personnel.

In our work, we are guided by the following rules:

  • Consultants of the Recruiting Company NRG are obliged to take orders only after a thorough analysis of the tasks which are needed to be solved.
  • NRG Recruitment Consultants are required to accept an order only if they are confident that they are capable of completing it.
  • NRG Recruitment Consultants are required to use only analytical methods that reflect the professionalism, efficiency, and objectivity of candidates.
  • NRG Recruiting Company consultants are required to provide their clients with thoroughly verified and undistorted information only.
  • Consultants of the Recruiting Company NRG are not allowed to transfer to third parties any information of professional and personal nature obtained during the execution of the order.
  • Consultants of the Recruiting Company NRG are not allowed to propose one candidate to two companies to exclude the emergence of a conflict of clients’ interests.
  • NRG Recruitment Consultants are not allowed to actively propose to job seekers from client organizations if a cooperation agreement has been concluded with the client’s company. Within 1 year after the order has been completed and the certificate of completion of the work-services has been signed, the consultants of the NRG Recruiting Company are not entitled to offer work to applicants working in our client’s company. At the same time, we consider the client’s organization as a whole structure with all branches.
  • NRG Recruitment Company consultants may never consider employees of companies who were employed by the agency, regardless of the time of actual employment. When previously employed candidates apply, the company’s consultant is obliged to call back, write an e-mail to the immediate supervisor of the applicant / HR director / general manager of the company, to receive confirmation that the employee has notified the company of his intention to leave, and openly considers offers.
  • NRG Recruiting Company consultants are not eligible to receive remuneration in any form from candidates who are considered for the position for which work is being carried out.


We try to become the client’s confidant, referring to such principles and methods of work that lead to the optimal solution of personnel problems. At the same time, we work on the principle of respecting the interests of both clients and candidates.