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The path of the employee in the organization begins with the recruiter, and the further work of the company depends on how the qualitative selection of the team will take place. Understanding the situation on the labor market, possessing external expertise, we select the best specialists and managers for our clients.

Who is a recruiter and what does this profession mean for us?

A recruiter is the same specialist who selects personnel, taking into account the requirements of the customer, the needs of companies, and the development of the labor market. The manager not only conducts interviews but also draws up applications for the selection of personnel, studies sent resumes, looks for rare specialists.

What recruiters work in our company?

Ideal: sociable, influential, stress-resistant, professionally developed, with high analytical skills, experts in their field.

What skills should have a recruiter?

Our employees say: “A modern recruiter must be a cross-functional specialist. It requires both analytical and communication skills, a high level of self-motivation, perseverance, and the ability to work constantly with full dedication. It is imperative to understand the specifics of the sphere in which the client’s company operates. Active listening skills, a high level of energy, self-discipline, positive thinking, full immersion in projects, a creative approach, and the ability to be “out of the box” to come up with a non-standard approach to solving problems and see the whole picture. A recruiter is a profession about people, more precisely about how to love people, how to build and create, how to solve complex cases with ease and enthusiasm. ”

A recruiter is not a random search for the first candidate that comes across; it is always a search strategy for a particular specialist, taking into account all the requirements and priorities that the client gives us.

We are open to admitting specialists to our NRG team.

Who are we waiting for?

People who are ready for multitasking, constant communication with candidates, and finding the best in the labor market. Work with us brings professional, moral, and financial pleasure. We will gladly accept in our team ambitious, highly motivated, ready to work for the result, enthusiastic, with creative thinking, talented individuals.


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