New Recruiting Group celebrates 10 years!

Today for New Recruiting Group is an unusual day. Today we celebrate our 10 years! For someone, it may be a small time period, but for us it is a whole achievement.

All these years we did our best. Like a child, we grew and developed. We did the first steps, but stumbled, fell and stuffed cones. We learned to speak and were so upset when we were not heard. We learned to understand the world of recruitment and business, but every time we closed a complex project and thought that “now we saw everything”, an unexpected and dynamic world of work gave us new and new tasks that do not cease to amaze us 10 years. You ask us, what has changed in 10 years? On the one hand, a lot has changed. We grew professionally and personally, got the status and recognition in the world of recruitment, formed the most amicable and involved NRG team, closed a huge number of vacancies and won the opportunity to work with the best Clients who trust us with their most expensive assets in the form of personnel. On the other hand, our attitude to work has not changed. Like 10 years ago, our eyes are still burning, we are every day happy to go to work in order to realize your projects and tasks. We continue to get involved in the needs of your business and sincerely experience when something goes wrong. You ask us if we stumble more, and we will answer that, of course, we stumble. And we are so grateful that at such moments our best Clients and Partners are always with whom we are coping with difficulties. 10 years is so much and at the same time it is not enough. We have successfully implemented many projects, but there are still more new victories and achievements ahead. Thank you for staying with us all this time. We are very pleased that, as before, like 10 years ago, we remain the Energy of Your Success.